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If you want to faithfully re-capture the sound of the '50s '60s or '70s, then recording to tape is a must! The restriction of eight tracks to record on can really bring out the best in an artist or band, encouraging a more focussed session, and some resourceful engineering! ("Right, we've got one track left to record some claps, a flute line and a guitar solo!") This is how it used to be done, and think of how many classic albums have been recorded in this manner!  A guitar amp mic'd with our '70s Neumann mic and recorded to tape is a winning combination!

pro tools

Tascam horiz

Pro Tools is the industry standard recording program that can handle just about anything!

We can record twenty-four tracks straight into Pro Tools. Once its on the computer, your music can be edited and then processed either internally, using a wealth of great software processors, or sent out to hardware compressors, effects etc., or both!

The Tascam 38 is an eight-track, 1/2 inch tape machine, that produces an extremely warm sound quality, particularly when used on vocals, acoustic guitar and drums. The signal/noise ratio is very good, aided significantly by two dedicated DBX noise reduction units. The machine at Bad Cow is in top condition and was used to re-mix old Duran Duran tracks!

location recording


In addition, voice-overs and advertisements, relaxation CDs, hypnotherapy CDs; whatever you do and want can also be produced!

If you would like to use a particular venue for recording your project then

this can be arranged at a small additional cost. (See "Prices" page)

Dark room

eat in or take-away?

At Bad Cow, we can record, process, and mix to a very high standard, using plenty of warm analogue equipment. However, if you just want to make use of our mics/rooms and track here, then take the raw recordings away with you and mix elsewhere, then you can. For example, you could record drums here but everything else at home. Just bring a drive with you and you can have all the tracks.

Tape Transfers

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